Thank you Michael Arrington

by Pranav Dharma

About 10 days ago, my startup Modington, got a mention on TechCrunch.  Needless to say, it lead to a stunning amount of traffic, hundreds of signups and lot of orders placed. Fortunately (& thanks to AWS), I was able to keep the servers humming with some minor performance issues here and there. Ten days since the post went up and I’m still seeing lot of users trickle in. But this post is not meant to be a analysis of post TC metrics / traffic spike.  When time permits, I’ll get around to it.

This post is meant to express my gratitude to Mike for creating the massive marketing channel that is TechCrunch.  ‘If you build it, they will come’ never happens. After slogging your ass off to build your product, you need to make sure that it gets in front of the users. And TechCrunch has enabled startups to get that massive initial launch — getting your product in front of thousands of early adopters in one single blow.

So Mike – thank you for creating TechCrunch. I’m sure there are hundreds of entrepreneurs like me who have benefited immensely from being featured on TC. Seriously – the startup ecosystem might not have been the same if you had not started TC. This post is not meant to  be a kiss-ass kinda post. I sincerely mean every word I said above.

Ohh & btw Mike, my offer still stands.