Startup idea for a lifestyle business – Ecommerce product photography

by Pranav Dharma

With the wide spread adoption of digital SLR’s, a new breed of amateur photography enthusiasts has emerged. While photography as a hobby is great, wouldnt it be great if you could make some money off your hobby ?  Here’s a lifestyle business which can be incredibly lucrative for all you amateur / semi-pro photographers.

Ecommerce product photography.

Product photography requires some initial monetory investment in terms of buying the appropriate equipment (cameras, lighting, diffusers etc.) as well as learning the skills of product photography. There are several YouTube videos that walk you through the nuts and bolts of product photography. If you own a home, you can simply setup the lighting and other equipment in your spare bedroom or garage. Alternatively, in most cities, you can also rent photography studios by the hour. With the rise of ecommerce, the demand for product and catalog photography has increased so much, that over the course of a few projects, you can easily turn a profit for your business.

I stumbled into this niche while researching into outsourcing product photography for my own ecommerce startup. Operating out of my cramped apartment, I do not have either the space or the skills needed to take great product shots. And awesome product shots are a must for any ecommerce startup. While searching for local product photographers, I found out that good product photography is quite expensive and good product photographers are difficult to find. If you happen to land a long term client — like an online catalog or ecommerce business,  you could probably make enough to switch from a lifestyle to your primary business.

So there you go — feel free to totally ‘steal’ this idea. BTW — if you read this post and do start your product photography business and you  are located in the Bay Area, do consider giving me a discount 🙂