No more entrepreneurial masturbation

by Pranav Dharma

As long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I attended startup and entrepreneurship events in Raleigh, NC. I wrote and ran one of the top blogs for Indian startups for four years.  I joined a startup in the Bay area to get a feel of how things work in a startup. Once in the valley, I attended even more networking and startup events.  I was on a high fueled by blogs, interviews, hacker news and all the amazing entrepreneurship stories I was reading.  I dreamed, breathed and masturbated (ok. not literally, but you get the picture) about startups.

One fine day though, on my morning ride on the Caltrain, a huge realization dawned on me. What was I really doing to accomplish my goal of being an entrepreneur ? I was dreaming of doing my own startup, but what tangible actions was I taking to making it a reality ?  The ugly truth was that I was living in a fantasy world. A world where I fantasized that it could be my startup that was being acquired by Facebook for a billion dollars. My face plastered across blogs and other media. People congratulating me on my success. Like junk food, I was feasting on other people’s success and feeling good and satisfied about it. And like junk food, I could not get enough of it.


It was right then and there that I decided that I had to put an end to these delusions of grandeur.  If I did not get my act together, my dream will always remain a dream. I needed to stop dreaming and start taking actions towards fulfilling it.  If I dont have it in me, I should simply give up and take a 9-5 easy going job back in NC.

It was time to stop being an entrepreneur by association but rather by action.  So there it is. My decision to take the plunge. Only time will tell if I’ll be successul or not. None the less, I will actually get a chance to play the game rather than simply watching from the sidelines.